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The Golden Bay A & P Show 2015

The annual Golden Bay A & P Show held at the Takaka show grounds on Saturday the 18th of January 2015, was well attended by about 60 cars all told, from our club and also the Vintage Car Club Nelson, Chrysler Club, Ford Club, Vauxhall Club and some privateers turning up to swell the ranks. The day was extreemly  hot but very pleasant under the trees.  The grand parade took place at about 1:30pm  and many participants made a quiet exit after that.

A brief overview of the quality of the display


Rai Valley A&P Show 2014

Left: is the restored and fully functional traction engine which powered a sawmill on this very site many decades ago. It is powering a stationary hay baler on the other end of the belt giving demo's to the public. Very impressive!
Right: the stock and horses all lined up during the grand parade and this area is probably 50 feet or so below the main ground so it can be seen from all around, very user friendly.
Left: is some of the line up of cars during the grand parade, there were other vehicles behind the front line including tractors and ancient implements all in perfect working order.
Right: these lovely old Austin trucks I understand are from a truck museum and the red one was restored at a cost exceeding $100,000.00 and one can certainly see where the money went, it is amazing! The yellow truck is a 4 wheel drive Fargo.

Day trip to St Arnaud & Lake Rotoiti.
Sunday the 13th of July
So it was decided, a brass monkey run to Lake Rotoiti and the restaurant was duly booked other subtle arrangements made & all that remained was to do it!
Nice day at Takaka i Site car park with 6 cars lined up and set of at 10:00am with a brief stop at Tapawera arriving at St Arnaud and Clinkers Cafe' for a delicious lunch, a quick look through the boat museum and off up to the lake for a photo shoot.
As most people had other commitments for the late afternoon we disbanded and all went our separate ways.

Our wheels against the Lake Rotoiti backdrop.

Miss February & Miss November pose for the media!